What is Everything will be Ok?

Ewboks Story

An Adventure founded in Love, A message to believe in.
This story and much of Ewbok is dedicated to QMB.
 Back in 2013, the everything will be OK message was delivered to me on a long pilgrimage across Northern Spain, the Camino de Santiago. I left on that pilgrimage thinking my life was in shambles and looking for some clarity. After 35 days and 400 miles I came to a place called Cruz de Ferro.  Also known as the iron cross, it is set on a gently sloping hill that also is the highest point on the Camino de Santiago. The views on top are incredible and it is a respectful place that is spiritually uplifting for the travelers. 
 After reading about the Camino, the guidebook says the tradition is to bring a stone, a piece of memorabilia, or something from home that has meaning. On the top of that sloping hill, I stood and looked at the road traveled. Thought of the metaphor in life, and held that stone  tightly in my hand. All of the things in life that I wanted to get rid of in my past, were bound into that rock. All I had to do was open my hand and let it drop on the pile of stones from the pilgrims that had come before. I stood on that hill for as long as it took, and finally my hand open and the stone tumbled amongst the thousands of other stones. In that instance a lot of the worries, guilt  and insecurities of my life tumble down that hill of stones as well.
 I walked around the small hill and glanced at the road in front of me, the road less traveled, the future. I took a second stone from my pocket and held it loosely in my hand, closed my eyes and prayed for the intention of my future. In that prayer I could see prosperity, love, hope, and an openness to the good things in life. I knelt in prayer, asking the universe for a partner.  Someone who is like me, someone who I could understand, and someone to walk through life hand-in-hand with. The stone fell loosely from my fingers and tumble down the rocks as my eyes opened and saw the road not yet traveled. 
 I walked down the hill to the field were many other pilgrims sat in silence or a muted conversation. I knelt again in prayer, head bowed, tears of relief and joy, streaming down my face. From behind me I heard a voice..
’ what should I do with this?’  
 As I looked up the sun was directly behind her head, casting a halo around her whole body. She stood there with a pen and a stone and smiled at me and asked the question again. I don’t know exactly what I said but she smiled and walked up to the hill to do her thing.
 In that instance I knew I had met somebody who was truly amazing. The details of the story of that sizzling romance and incredible love in those two weeks in northern Spain, will remain between her and I. Whenever we would talk though, she would tell me how little faith she had in just about everything. Would we find food? Would we find housing? Would any of this make a difference? Through this time I kept saying to  her, ..’don’t worry everything will be OK’..
As we would walk the miles each day I would see her brow furrow and her face darken in thought.  I would gently touched her shoulder and say everything will be OK.  Over time,  I ended up shorting it to EWBOK
 Since that journey, I have devoted most everything in my life to delivering the message
Everything Will  Be OK. 
Who knows, maybe I’ll see her again, maybe we’ll change the world.
EWBOK (U-BOK)- Is the Message That Everything Will Be OK.
A Ewbok is the person who delivers the message. 
AKA Ewbokian, a Ewbok-ist, Ewbok-inator.
‘ I knew he was a Ewbok-ist when he took the time to ask my name."
"These Ewbokians really know how to throw a party.’
The physical manifestation of the Ewbok message,
a flower, card, hugs, t-shirt,
magnetic ribbon on the back of your SUV,
is called the EWBOK.
’ have you seen my box of Ewboks ..?”
“‘I declare that boy just won’t stop playing with his Ewbok.’
“We’re going to Need A Bigger EWBOK.”
The action of delivering the Ewbok, in whatever form either ethereal or corporeal, is called Ewboking.
Of course, the person who just received the message has been Ewbok’d.
Ewbok State Line-  The line where the ewboking is happening. 
Making the present good,
the past better,
The Future Story Positive.
After the Ewbokist,
Ewboks someone,
They Become a Ewbokie,
part of the Ewbok Nation.
if the Ewbokie,
the newbie Ewbokian,
decides to Ewbok someone else
just have a little faith that Everything will be OK,
They will be Living the Ewbok Life,
The Life of Ewbok.