What is Everything will be Ok?


EWBOK (U-BOK)- Is the Message That Everything Will Be OK.

A Ewbok is the person who delivers the message.

AKA Ewbokian, a Ewbok-ist, Ewbok-inator.

‘ I knew he was a Ewbok-ist when he took the time to ask my name."

"These Ewbokians really know how to throw a party.’


The physical manifestation of the Ewbok message,

a flower, card, hugs, coffee for the guy behind you,

something hand made, anything positive,

is called the EWBOK.

’ have you seen my box of Ewboks ..?”

“‘I declare that boy just won’t stop playing with his Ewbok.’

“We’re going to Need A Bigger EWBOK.”


The action of delivering the Ewbok, in whatever form either ethereal or corporeal, is called



Of course, the person who just received the message has been



Ewbok State Line-  The line where the ewboking is happening.

Ewboking Makes the present good,

the past better,

The Future Story Positive.


After the Ewbokist,

Ewboks someone,

They Become a Ewbokie,


part of the Ewbok Nation.



if the Ewbokie,

the newbie Ewbokian,

decides to Ewbok someone else


just have a little faith that Everything will be OK,

They will be Living the Ewbok Life,


The Life of Ewbok.

Andrew Ewbok